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November 17, 2008



OMG!!! IT LOOKS AMAZING! I can't believe you did this all yourself. Love the lights and the clean feel of everything. You must be so proud!

I can't believe you got that mirror. I gave it to NAdia for her birthday last year! Too cool!


She didn't do it all herself I helped =( and was short changed when it came to the finished product, I will admit though that it does look good mom.


awesome blossom!!! Now, would you be interested in coming into Edmonton and doing my dining room?


Though there were no professionals harmed in the completing of this project, I would like to thank Aaron for helping with the drywall (he knew slightly more that me), Liam (master of the wrecking bar), Wayne (aided with my fear of flamethrowers) and, of course, Taryn who wore safety goggles to empty the cupboard, held drywall, provided Aaron and spent 8 minutes sanding.


lol...come on Taryn..admit it...you my sweet girl cannot possiblely hold a sander for a whole 8 minutes!! Kim you are too generous...


Wow, you are So your fathers daughter...well done.


woo hoo! one of those neat-o mirrors for plucking those pesky chin hairs! aahhhh - old age, huh? SWEEEEE- T lu kim!


Nice Job! It looks amazing!


Good job.. I like the design very much..

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